Value Statements

January 14, 2016

We support measures to maintain, restore and protect healthy ecosystems that lead to resilient forests and conserve wild qualities among a range of conditions.

We believe forests should be maintained to support a full range of diverse habitats for native species, while controlling invasive species.

We support protecting and restoring water quality for aquatic species, healthy recreation and drinking water supplies.

We believe in a forest that maintains sustainable access for a diverse range of interests.

We value well managed, sustainable, diverse recreational opportunities. Varying levels of accessibility that are appropriate to the activity and encourage diverse user participation should be provided.

We value safe, friendly and healthy interactions among recreational users.

We support a Forest Service budget that is realistic; contributes to and adds capacity for implementation of the Plan; inclusive of diverse interests and balanced; equitably distributed across plan objectives; transparent; and adaptable to changes in forest and fiscal conditions.